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Yahoo Personals is powered by as of June 2010. We recommend that you sign up for using our 20% off coupon to the right. is now the largest dating site.

Yahoo Personals follows a familiar, easy to use, personals style dating and singles match making format. Yahoo Personals makes internet dating fun and easy to use, and attracts millions of single women and men looking to add a little excitement and romance into their lives.

The Yahoo Personals web site features all the necessary tools to help you match, flirt, and build relationships with single women and men throughout the United States and abroad. Use the green button below to view any available Yahoo Personals discount specials. Follow the sign up instructions, then go ahead and complete your Yahoo Personals free internet dating profile. Review photos and personal ad profiles of existing Yahoo Personals members. You decide which single women and men share similar interests and lifestyles. And if you're looking for something more serious, subscribe to Yahoo Personals Premier to help narrow your search to single women and men who are ready for a long term relationship. Yahoo Personals Premier members can submit feedback on search results to help Yahoo Personals find your true love.

Yahoo Personals Dating Site Review

Yahoo Personals user guide will help you through the process of creating your free personal profile, and give you tips on how to get you noticed online. How do you write a Yahoo Personals profile that attracts a compatible date? How do you upload your photo? How do you break the ice? You'll find the answers to these questions and more when you start your free Yahoo Personals membership (create a free profile) using the links at the top of this web page. Screen shots of Yahoo Personals are shown below as we viewed them during our review of the Yahoo Personals internet dating site.

Yahoo Personals Free Trial Free Yahoo Personals Profile Search Free Yahoo Personals Test
Free Ad Profile Free Singles Search Free Personality Test

Yahoo Personals free trial includes a free ad profile as shown above. After completing your free personal ad profile, you can search for single women or for single men free using the powerful Yahoo Personals match making system. The Personality Test and other free to use tests are fun and easy to use. We were expecting long lists of questions, but in fact, the whole process was "watch and click." The test pushes you along at a pace that doesn't allow you to stop and think — a good thing — working off your instincts and subconscious. You will feel as if you are playing a game, laugh a bit, and learn about yourself in the process.

Search, Flirt, Date At Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals internet dating site features everything you need to find a date that fits your lifestyle. Yahoo Personals features all the latest tools to help you search for single women or men, flirt to break the ice, and decide weather or not you would like to date or build a relationship with someone who peaks your interest. Here's a quick overview of the Yahoo Personal internet dating site features:

  • Find good dating material — describe your ideal match and Yahoo Personals shows you every person in your area who meets your criteria. Powerful searching from a company who knows how to "search."
  • Create a free personal ad profile — to contact other single women and men, you will need a Yahoo Personals profile. Upload a photo if you have one, click some check boxes, which tells the other single women and men more about you. Creating a personal ad profile at Yahoo Personals is easy.
  • A safe place for flirting — having a Yahoo Personals profile provides you with an anonymous email account for your "Icebreakers" and emails to other single women and men. Yahoo Personals forwards an alert to your email address of choice when another single sends you a message. Yahoo Personals keeps your information private.
  • Gateway to fun first dates — send emails, instant messages, or chat with single women and men you find interesting. Since you get to know each other first, meeting them later is much more fun and exciting. Yahoo is the leader in email, instant messenger, chat, and voice systems and here's where it shows.
  • More personal insight never hurts — Yahoo Personals provides dating advice from experts to those in need. You can take various personality tests and have your results factored into your dating search results. Yahoo Personals 7 day free trial includes access to the Relationship, Personality, and Love Style tests.
  • You are in control — at Yahoo Personals you decide which single women and men share your interests and lifestyles. Remember, if you are looking for a serious relationship, subscribe to Yahoo Personals Premier to help narrow your search to single women and men who are definitely seeking a long term relationship. Yahoo Personals Premier members can submit feedback on search results, to help Yahoo Personals find your true and ever lasting love.

Price For Yahoo Personals Dating Site

Yahoo Personals free trial special introductory offer is available to new Yahoo Personals subscribers. If you've tried Yahoo Personals in the past but wish to re-subscribe at the rates shown in the table below, use any Yahoo Personals link on this web page. You will simply be asked to change your internet dating subscription type. The best price currently available to Yahoo Personals subscribers is $11.66 per month, available to single women and men who purchase a 6 month membership plan.

Compare searching millions of single women and men online to your next best option, one night out on the town. Price of a new shirt $30-$80, half tank of gas $10-$20, wash the car $5-$10, pay for down town parking $5-$20, pay the entry fee to your favorite bar or club $5-$30, have two drinks $10-$20 and so on. I don't think we have to add that up to know that $11.66, $14.98, or $19.95 per month is a good deal. Internet dating sites work, and Yahoo Personals online dating service is a good place to start.

Yahoo Personals Price & Features Trial Member
All memberships start with a Yahoo Personals free trial for 7 days.
Lowest dating service price per month Free Trial $11.66
Flirt with Yahoo Icebreaker messages FreeFree
Take the Yahoo Relationship Test FreeFree
Take the Yahoo Personality Test FreeFree
Take the Yahoo Love Style Test FreeFree
Yahoo voice and video greetings FreeFree
Create a Yahoo Personals profile FreeFree
Search for women and for men FreeFree
Send emails to Yahoo Personals members Free
Send instant messages (similar to chat) Free
Search Yahoo Premier member ad profiles
Yahoo Personals relationship fit rating
Rate your online dating matches to improve your Yahoo Personals search results

Yahoo Personals Success Stories

Yahoo Personals have been successful for a wide range of hopeful singles. Single women and men of all ages and backgrounds have found love including but not limited to single parents, soul mate seekers, long-term relationship seekers, baby boomers, long-distance love, and seniors. You can help future web site visitors by submitting your Yahoo Personals success story using our contact us web form. We'd love to hear from you at various stages of your Yahoo Personals experience — first impressions of the Yahoo Personals web site, after the expiration of your Yahoo Personals free trial, after your first month, and of course soon after you find love. Below are a couple of success stories for your review:

"Mike was one of many respondents to my ad, but his message stood out due to its sheer length and the fact that he actually sounded normal and just what I was looking for! We began emailing nearly every day, learning more about each other…" — Stephanie and Mike

"He is everything and more than I was looking for. I was skeptical, but thought I would give it a try on a one-month trial basis. Well, here I am, two years later, married to the most amazing man, Sean, who also happens to be a wonderful full-time father to two beautiful little children…" — Sean and Kimberly

Yahoo Personals USA Sites And Specials

Yahoo Personals currently provides specialty internet dating services on top of those offered to the general public. Entering the Yahoo Personals web site through a specialty internet dating service gateway can improve your singles match making experience.

• Yahoo Personals USA
• Yahoo Personals African American
• Yahoo Personals Canada
• Yahoo Personals Christian
• Yahoo Personals Gay
• Yahoo Personals Lesbian
• Yahoo Personals Jewish
• Yahoo Personals En Espanol

One advantage that Yahoo Personals has over other internet dating sites is Yahoo's ability to offer additional online services that singles love to use. Yahoo Instant Messenger with Voice and Yahoo Music are just two. Where else in the world can you get high quality digital, unlimited music, for just $5.99 per month? That's all the digital music you want for half the price of one CD, all genres in one location. These and other promotions come up often to Yahoo Personals members.

Summing Up Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals features a large, active, singles community you can experience through the Yahoo Personals free trial, available at the top of this web page. We recommend that you dive on in, complete your free personals profile, take the free Relationship Test, take the free Personality Test, and begin searching for single women and men that show interests similar to those of your own. Yahoo Personals has a powerful match making system that helps match your personal ad with local or national singles who are compatible with you. Yahoo Personals safe guards your identity, so feel free to meet more people in one month online than you would probably meet offline in an entire year. The "Icebreakers" feature is a safe, easy, and fun way to flirt, then, if the respondent shows interest, you can move on to a real conversation.

— Internet Dating USA

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