Internet Dating Site Free Trial and Review Free Trial Safety first is what online dating service web site is all about. If you are a criminal or are currently married, keep out! has a truly unique member safety team ready to pursue those who misrepresent themselves while using this internet dating site. Single women and men across the U.S. have therefore flocked to the safety of, helping rank as one of the best dating sites. helps single women and single men date safer, smarter, find compatible singles online, and 11 million pre-screened members think they've got it right. Start now with your free trial which includes free member searches, a free member profile, plus a free scientific Compatibility Test. Not just any ordinary internet dating site test. The free Compatibility Test (and the entire web site) is endorsed by Psychology Today. is an internet dating site beyond personal ads. Though very easy to set up, advance features such as the free Compatibility Test and the Sexploration Test are used to fine tune your search results. Adding these compatibility measures to your results help you truly find the most compatible match for dating, romance, love and forever. Free Trial Internet Dating Site Review dating site requires that you register online before you start looking around for single women and men. From the start you are experiencing part of the safe internet dating initiative, and the minute of your time to register is soon forgotten. With new user ID and password in hand, you can focus on completing your free trial internet dating profile or begin searching for single women and men. All the features you'd expect from a top internet dating web site are available at Though not the prettiest of the internet dating web sites that we review, safety and integration of compatibility testing kept our interest peaked. At first our internet dating site review team was a little apprehensive to agree to the quick background check requirement. Soon after, however, we began to wonder why all internet dating sites don't run a quick background check on their members. Free Trial Member Search Free Trial Profile Free Trial Compatibility Test
Free Member Search Free Dating Profile Free Compatibility Test free internet dating profile is mostly a check box style form. You will need to write a catchy headline and a few paragraphs about yourself, however, provides tips and numerous articles to help you out along the way. You can change your free internet dating profile at any time, so don't worry if you don't get it right the first time through. The real fun with the free trial begins when you take your free Compatibility Test and Sexploration Test. Again, not the flashiest of designs, but a pleasant, interactive and fast moving experience. Simply read a question and click on an answer. Questions are split up among multiple choice, click a picture, or click on a measurement bar from "most like me - to - most unlike me."

Two things our internet dating web site review team liked most about were the difficult questions asked, and how put pictures to words like "neat." All those questions you learned not to ask on your first date: What are your political views? Religious beliefs? Did you ever cheat on your ex? What's your parenting philosophy? How often do you like to have sex? and so on. Not only does ask you if you are a "neat" person, the next question follows up with a picture that says: "ok, so which picture looks like your bed room?" Neat to you might not be neat to me in deed. Taking what you learn about yourself to the next level, you can "compare your compatibility" with other members to learn if you will be good partners, or just annoy the heck out of each other for life. "Compatibility testing" is a smart thing to do.

Be Safe, Chat, Test Your Compatibility, And Sexplore At Free Trial Chat Room Internet Dating Chat Room internet dating web site features a safe place online where you can find a date that's compatible to you in many ways. Let your next date be the right one, not a compromise of the things you like to do most often. Once you pass the quick background check you can chat with single women and single men online, learn about yourself, take the free compatibility test and identify your sex type — what? Here's a quick overview of the internet dating web site features:

  • is safer online dating — is committed to safer online dating and that sets apart from the other internet dating sites. is the only online dating web site that provides Single Verification services and screens for felonies. If you don't pass the screening, you can't communicate with single members. Sleep easier knowing that your love interest has already been pre-screened. Access 11 million singles members without losing control over who sees your photo and online dating profile.
  • free chat rooms — are an easy, safe and fun way to meet single women and men. Start a real time conversation tonight with other single women and men who are pre-screened and looking for someone special. Relax in the comfort of your own home, have fun, and be yourself. You never know who's online now unless you give a try.
  • Compatibility is key — endorsed by Psychology Today, the True Compatibility Test is the only truly scientific compatibility test online. tests you on 99 key relationship factors that help you find your most compatible match. Compatible doesn't mean you like the same style of clothes, it's so much more. After you complete the True Compatibility Test you will be surprised by how much you learn about yourself, and by how much you learn about the type of person you will most likely click with. Avoid yet another mismatched relationship and take the test!
  • Identify your sex type — ok so psychologists say identifying your sex type helps point you to your most intimately compatible matches. The Sexploration Test is your personal passion playbook. helps you learn and leads you towards more exciting and fulfilling intimate encounters. Maybe not on your list of topics to discuss on your next first date, however, identifying your sex type helps you know what to look for in a soul mate.
  • Email guidelines up front — sending that first email to single women or single men can be scary, but hey, it's just an email right? offers advice and basic guidelines for writing emails that the dating community will enjoy. says don't ignore the subject line, be creative, be positive, ham it up! Respectful flirtation is great, beyond that is generally gross and won't get you dates. You might just get yourself kicked out of too. In your email try to go a little beyond your About Me section, but don't sound full of yourself. Take email seriously, but have fun and enjoy yourself too.
  • Advanced search options — are accessible from your My Profile page, and help you turbo charge your road to love. With just one click you can see: Who's Relationship Material? Who's Sexually Compatible? Who's New to Who's Looking for Me? Who's Online Now? Who's Chatting? Who's Seen My Profile? Who's Got New Photos? All that plus keyword, category, profile, and additional basic search options.
  • Wink at someone online — sending out winks is a matter of probability. The more winks you send out to single women and men, the more members you make contact with. The more members you make contact with, the higher your chances of them noticing you and finding a compatible soul mate.
  • Find your soul mate — because soul mates last forever. features easy to use relationship guides you can use alone or discuss on your next date. online dating web site offers many free tools to help you through issues that can make or break a new or existing relationship. Your first step on the path to online dating success is downloading Soul Mates Forever today.
  • Easy conversation starters — a fun way to break the ice with members who catch your eye, search and find a single woman or single man, then click on that member's ad profile. Find the "Start a Free Conversation" icon next to the ad profile, select up to five questions from the list, and puts the questions in an email and sends it along. Conversation started!
  • U Magazine — True U magazine is a resource for members about dating, romance and relationships. With a staff of internationally recognized psychologists, award winning writers, experienced relationship experts, and a online dating ad profile coach, True U magazine gives members fresh insight into the online and offline dating world.

Price For Internet Dating Site internet dating site offers a free trial special offer to those who register and agree to abide by the code of ethics. Once you register for your free trial, you can complete your online dating profile, take the Compatibility Test, and take a look around. You are not given full access to the site and all 11 million members until you subscribe. When you are ready to communicate with other members, subscribe, and then will perform a criminal background check using the largest criminal records database on the Internet. will also search public records to verify your single marital status. If you have no felony convictions and are currently unmarried, you will be allowed to contact other members. The best price currently available to internet dating site subscribers is $21.67 per month, available to single women and single men who purchase a 6 month membership plan. memberships are available by length in days: 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days.

Compare searching 11 million single women and single men online to your next best option, one night out on the town. Price of a new shirt $30-$80, half tank of gas $10-$20, wash the car $5-$10, pay for down town parking $5-$30, pay the entry fee to your favorite bar or club $5-$30, have two drinks $10-$20 and so on. I don't think we have to add that up to know that $21.67 per month is a good deal. Online dating and compatibility matching works, and a free trial is a great place to start. The one month price for membership at is a bit higher then competing internet dating sites of similar size and function, however, remember that only pre-screens their members. The added cost to pre-screen and deal with safety issues is most noticeable in the one month membership fee. Helping by spreading the cost over a 3 or 6 month membership term brings the price for back in line with other internet dating sites. Member Price And Features Price Monthly
All memberships start with our free trial special offer. free trial with limited access (keeps members safe) Free
One month, includes background check $49.99
Three months, includes background check $79.99 $26.66
Six months, includes background check $129.99 $21.67 Internet Dating Site Success Stories internet dating site has been successful for a wide range of hopeful singles. Single women and single men of all ages and backgrounds have found love including but not limited to single parents, soul mate seekers, long-term relationship seekers, baby boomers, long-distance love, and seniors. You can help future web site visitors by submitting your dating success story using our easy to use contact us web form. We'd love to hear from you at various stages of your experience — first impressions of the web site, after exploring on a free trial basis, after your first month, and of course soon after you find love. Below are a couple of success story for your review:

"If it's a big deal that you date someone that's in your religious background, then that's easy to find with an online dating site like I like that gets you past the first layer of screening by helping to check for felons and married people. Meeting someone out at a bar really doesn't afford you that…" — SportyChicaDK, Texas

"I sent a wink to CaptCaveman, who renewed his membership for the sole purpose of responding. This led to e-mails, which were soon replaced with telephone conversations. We then decided to meet, and realized that we had much more in common than we could have imagined. We feel that has played a big part in our meeting and we'd like to express our thanks and hope that our story can show other members that with happiness can indeed be found…" — Welshcookie, Pennsylvania

Summing Up Internet Dating Site features one of the largest and safest internet dating sites available today. With over 11 million single members and growing, is showing industry leadership by requiring each member to follow some ethical guidelines and agree to a quick background check. Getting started on is both easy and fun. offers a free trial special offer (no coupon code required) available at the top of this web page, so that you can try out the online dating web site before agreeing to the background check. If you're new to internet dating, the added safety available on the web site is highly recommended. Complete your free online dating profile, take the free Compatibility Test, take the Sexploration Test,and begin searching for single women and single men that are truly compatible with you. online dating web site created a scientific match making system endorsed by the professionals at Psychology Today. online dating site allows you to control who sees your photo and dating profile, yet allows you to freely Wink and email other pre-screened single members. Sleep well at night knowing that your new online love interest has already been pre-screened. Chat, email and meet more single women and single men in one month online than you would meet offline in an entire year. The unique "Wink" feature is a safe, easy, and fun way to grab the attention of single women and single men. If the Winkee shows interest, you can move on to email, a live private chat room conversation, a telephone call, or a romantic night on the town.

— Internet Dating USA

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