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Dating sites and more dating sites. How many more dating sites do we really need in the USA? Competition among internet dating sites is good for single men and women and helps to keep prices low. But we're amazed to see more internet dating sites start up each year, most of which don't have a chance at growing their membership base as high as the best dating sites like, and Here on our dating blog we post about dating industry happenings and also blog about the dating sites, dating services, dating advice, and dating tips we write about on the site. Please feel free to comment on all of our Blog posts, no registration is required and we will never spam you. Enjoy!

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Eharmony Coupon Coupon Coupon
Eharmony review. review. review. Free Weekend 7/23 – 7/25

July 22nd, 2010 Free Weekend event starts Friday 7/23/10 and ends Sunday 7/25/10. Everyone who registers on will be able to communicate for free this weekend. The sooner you register the longer you will have to use free of charge. Click on the image below or use any Chemistry special offer link on our site to join this free weekend event.

Chemistry Free Weekend

Chemistry Free Weekend Friday July 23 - Sunday July 25

Take the Chemistry free personality test and receive your personalized matches. Free communication weekend is here! Visit our Chemistry web page for any additional special offers for the Chemistry dating site.

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eHarmony Free Communication Event 7/23 – 8/1

July 22nd, 2010

eHarmony Free Communication event for the United States starts Friday July 23 through August 1. That’s 10 days of free eHarmony. The sooner you register on eHarmony the longer you will have to communicate with other eHarmony members. Click the eHarmony start now image below or use any other eharmony special offer link on our site to join this free communication event.

eHarmony Free Communication

eHarmony Free Communication Event, 10 Days of eHarmony Free

Communicate for free, no credit card, no obligation. eHarmony is free to all those who register July 23rd through August 1st. Visit our eHarmony web page for any additional special offers for the eHarmony dating site.

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June 9th, 2010

If you are in the USA, chances are you will not be able to sign up for, a popular global dating site. If you visit the dating site you will instead be forwarded to because of an IP check that says you reside in the USA. See the screenshot below which appears when you type in into your browser. Dating Sites Not Available, Forwards to

So what’s going on? Since last summer and have been partnering to improve their global online personals sites. They must have agreed to not compete for USA members. has been busy this year setting up partnerships and acquiring competitors in efforts to become the largest dating site in the USA. For a limited time only you can get 20% off here on our internet dating site.

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Free Dating Sites = Weirdos and Undesirables

June 8th, 2010
Internet dating is Scary? It could be if you are frequenting free dating sites. Horror stories abound of people who have gone online to find dates only to later be robbed at gunpoint, had sedatives slipped into their drinks, or even disappeared altogether. To those people, the saying “you thought it could never happen to you” certainly applies all too clearly. Craigslist and other free dating sites quickly come to mind as they are frequently caught up in the news. So how do you avoid making contact with weirdos and undesirables if you still want to date?
Long story cut short is to avoid free dating sites. If nothing more, the credit card you use identifies you as a real, traceable person. Free dating sites are plagued with fake dating profiles, for example, because there is no disincentive to creating multiple free dating site profiles. And if your potential mate can’t afford the $10 to $30 monthly fee, your probably better off subscribing to a well known internet dating site. Here are a few tips on how to keep your internet dating experience safe.
  1. Keep your home address, work address, and other personal information confidential until after your first date and beyond if necessary.
  2. Choose a safe place to have your first date. This means not going into any dark alleys to visit nightclubs that your date is “just dying” to show to you. Sure, there are some popular hang-outs that can be found at such places, but those are not the appropriate places to have a date with a stranger. Pick places like hotel bars, or hotel restaurants, or even eating places in malls where there are sure to be a lot of people around to witness your meeting.
  3. Date rapes have become alarmingly common and the victims all point to one incident during the date: they left their drink unattended so that their date had the opportunity to slip in a sedative into their drink. Date rape drugs have become surprisingly easy to come by on the black market, and are available at the right price to eager buyers. So never leave your drink unattended – and this goes not just for first dates, but for successive dates as well.
  4. Some safe dates you can have may involve activities that don’t involve eating or drinking at all. For instance, if you and your date like roller-blading, why not have your date in a park where lots of other people could be taking part in the same sport? Or you could go surfing at a popular beach. Indoor rock-climbing places have been set up in many cities so that’s one activity that could be relatively safe for you. My favorite is a short 1 hour coffee, but not everyone wants a short date.
  5. If you absolutely must have alcohol during your date, stay sober. Try ordering just one drink and nursing that one throughout the evening. Many alcoholic beverages in bars and nightclubs are made to be quite potent so taking two orders in one night may bowl over even the hardiest person. You won’t look ridiculous if you don’t finish your drink, so if you do wind up ordering more than one, you can simply say “I’ve had enough for one night” and pay the bill.
Remember that free is free. So avoid the free dating sites if you want to steer clear of Weirdos and Undesirables.
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June 7th, 2010

Last week and Yahoo Personals announced a major change to their dating sites. is now the exclusive dating site on Yahoo. Yahoo Personals users will be given the opportunity to move their account to a new co-branded experience. We currently have a Coupon on our site that offers 20% off, available for a limited time only. Click here to read the full press release.

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April 29th, 2010 is having a Free Communication Weekend which starts Friday April 30 through Sunday May 2. All users will be able to communicate for free during this time. So if you have been wanting to try out this weekend is your chance to communicate with other members for free. Free

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April 22nd, 2010 coupon is available for a limited time only, save over 50% or get 3 months for the price of 1 month. Join Chemistry to experience one of the fastest growing relationship sites in America. is for relationship seekers, not flirts or casual daters. If you’re tired of meeting all the wrong men or women, give a try.

Here’s how works:

  1. Take the test. Your personality type is tested so that Chemistry can see what makes you tick.
  2. Be introduced. Chemistry will personalize your matches and you will give feedback to help improve your results.
  3. Get to know. Chemistry helps you to get to know your online matches before you meet them.

Chemistry’s Chief Scientific Advisor is Dr. Helen Fisher, who is a world renowned author and expert in the science of human attraction —  Chemistry get it? Get your Chemistry Coupon and take your personality test now. You might be surprise at what you learn about yourself and your perfect match.

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No Date? Find A Date Online Tonight

April 5th, 2010

Where can I find a date? If you are single, you probably ask yourself this question at least every weekend.  The answer to the where can I find a date question is not actually that complicated. But it does seem to baffle many over stressed singles out there. Find a date online tonight using your favorite internet dating site.

In the past the only way to score a date was by hanging out at bars and other places where singles flock on a Friday or Saturday night. Getting a phone number before the night was over was the general goal. Singles who have gone this route know, this is a taxing way to find companionship. Often if feels like work, not fun. You dress up to  look your best, come up with an engaging opening line, keep the conversation going, all the while nursing your drink. Many singles leave, well, still single and less hopeful with each passing weekend.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. The development of the Internet and related technologies (webcam, chat, high speed internet) has allowed for the rise of internet dating services.  Some internet dating sites take a scientific approach at matching up their members using the information supplied by these members in  their profiles. Internet dating site members can contact their matches and send messages to other members who have attracted their interest.

Internet dating sites are good for singles, whether you are looking for a casual date or looking for true love. But if you are really embarrassed to try internet dating, you can always play it safe and ask your trusted friend to set you up on a blind date. Yeah right. Don’t be embarrassed, there is no reason to be. The only thing you need to do to find a date online tonight is to choose a dating site free trial, then just do it.

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Dating A Single Parent

March 30th, 2010

Dating a single parent can be a complicated situation, so know what you are getting yourself into before you proceed. It is not just yourself and your single parent date that you have to consider in this potential relationship, but you have to also consider what the kids may be feeling too. While you may be able to avoid deep thoughts during the first few dates with a single parent, if you get serious about the relationship and you want to be a part of the family, you must realize that it is a different lifestyle choice versus being single and out there on your own.

Many single men and women love kids and can enjoy dating a single parent. Acting the part of the future step parent may not be easy for some. If you really want to have a successful relationship with a single parent and their kids, you have to take certain steps to help things progress as smoothly as can be expected (kids are no doubt unpredictable at times).

First of all, you should try not to get involved in the lives of the single parent’s children unless you and your date are ready to go steady and you both have long-term relationship goals in mind. This does not mean that you are avoiding the kids at first. Instead it is more like you are respecting the kids’ feelings. Kids might be confused with the fact that their biological parents are not together anymore, and they might find it hard to deal with new lovers in their parents’ lives.

Just as much as you need to respect your partner’s children, you also need to show some respect to your partner’s ex, the other parent of the kids. Do not go about as if this other parent does not exist in the kids’ lives. Whatever happened between your partner and their ex is between them. You do not need to criticize the ex, especially not in front of the children. Yes even if the ex is a jerk and everyone knows it, you still need to show some respect.

As another form of respect towards your future stepchildren, you should make it a point not to sleep over the single parent’s house, and neither should you encourage your date to stay the night in your house.  It’s best to do sleepovers when the two of you are officially engaged and wedding plans are already abroad.

So you like your single parent date, and suddenly you feel uncomfortable  because you are feeling left out. That is a normal feeling when dating a single parent.  Just be honest and talk about it to your date privately, but never in front of the kids. If your single parent date loves you and if he/she wants your relationship to work, then he/she will give some consideration towards your feelings as well.

Lastly, always be kind to your future stepchildren. Make it a point to consider their needs and feelings, and always understand that having you around may be confusing for them. Do not force yourself upon them, but help them learn to accept you as a part of their lives.

Single parents often find internet dating very helpful. Online dating services can be use to screen potential dates, to avoid those who are not ready for dating a single parent. Give internet dating a free try today.

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False Internet Dating Beliefs

March 22nd, 2010

Mention the words Internet Dating to some singles and they may try to laugh it off, dismiss it entirely as a bad thing. There are beliefs that many singles hold dear to themselves, which govern the way they perceive internet dating and look for a new relationship. Unfortunately, some of these beliefs are false and may actually prevent singles from finding happiness, rather than promote their search for true love online or otherwise.

Here are just some of what we call false internet dating beliefs:

  • There are no more good singles out there for me. Many singles seem to think that all the good and eligible singles are taken, and all those left are just the dregs of the dating world. That is a preposterous conclusion to come to, because there are certainly many great singles out there if you know where to look. The search for true love, or even for a great date, is more than just a game of numbers. If you want to find a great partner, whether for now or for life, you have to stop sitting around and look around. Most of all, find out where you should be looking. Internet dating surely can help here.
  • Decent places to find decent dates are becoming rare. This is a favorite excuse among singles who are too lazy to go on their own search for potential dating partners and who would rather wait for them to fall on their lap. Again, to snag a good dating partner takes a little effort to accomplish. It is certainly not impossible to meet new people and find a dating prospect among them. If you want to take the traditional route, just hang out at places where other singles meet, like bars, the gym, book stores, coffee shops or the mall. And of course, check out the internet dating scene and join a dating site or two.
  • Actively looking for dates makes me look desperate. This is a lie.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with actively looking for dates, online or offline, and neither would it make you look desperate. When you are dating or looking for dates, you have to have a goal in mind, whether it is to have as many short term relationships as you can get or to get married and start a family. Know your goal and pursue that goal same as you would for work.   The best things in life come to those who wait, that may be true, but you have to get off your rear and start doing your own part too.
  • The people I meet are not hot, smart, interesting or good enough for me. Nobody is perfect. When we meet new dating prospects, we have to keep an open mind and be realistic about our expectations. Rather than tick off your prospective date’s characteristics from a checklist that is most likely to be filled by unrealistic traits that you desire most in your potential partner, take the time to get to know your date and then decide if you can accept him/her for what he/she is. It is perfectly alright to have an ideal partner, as long as that ideal does not blind you to the Prince/Princess Charming standing right in front of you.

Don’t fall into the “If it’s meant to happen it will” trap. Internet dating is the way to go and for a limited time only you can get free trials to the best dating sites like Yahoo Personals,, Chemistry, JDate, and more. Now get out there and reach for your goal.

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