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Dating Article Stand Out From The Online Dating Crowd

It's now a well documented fact that over the last three years, online dating has become arguably the most popular activity on the net. This being the case, how do you stand out from the crowd when you first sign-up to your chosen site? Remember, popular dating sites attract hundreds, and in many cases, thousands of new members every day which makes it all the more difficult for your profile to get noticed by prospective partners with whom you might be compatible.

If you follow these 10 simple steps, I guarantee that your dating service experience will be a successful and emotionally rewarding one:

  1. Complete your profile. This sounds obvious doesn't it? Well, you'd be amazed at how many people can't even be bothered to even complete the tick-boxes when creating their on-line identity. If you make it obvious that you couldn't care less how your profile appears to other members, you can't really complain if no-one can be bothered to respond to you.
  2. Choose an appealing username. Your 'Username' is your on-line name as opposed to your actual one. Make it snappy and 'fun' and if it says something about who you are, then that'll get you noticed. For example, if you work in a creative field, then something like Mr Creative or ArtLover will reinforce the point.
  3. Don't be modest. Remember, you're trying to sell yourself to complete strangers so if you think you're pretty darn attractive, then now is the time to shout it from the roof-tops. Similarly, if your successful in whatever field you work in or if you've been blessed with artistic skills or sporting prowess, then say so.
  4. Sound interesting. If you describe yourself using anodyne, bland terms like 'nice person' or 'various hobbies', then these will have no real meaning with anyone who is reading them. Most people are 'nice' and most people have 'hobbies'. Avoid the 'so what' factor at all costs.
  5. Omit the negatives. If you're feeling a bit low and lacking in confidence after a recent break-up or messy divorce, then you mustn't convey this in your personals ad profile. No-one will want to mail you if you make it obvious that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Sound upbeat, confident and happy in your life and you'll find that this will resonate with people who are browsing your details - sound miserable and people will give you a wide berth.
  6. No sexual innuendo. This might seem obvious to most of you reading this, but a great many guys actually try and sell themselves using suggestive or inappropriate terminology. If you go down this path, you'll be ignored by everyone else on the site - guaranteed.
  7. Upload a photo. This point is absolutely imperative in the online dating marketplace. 95% of people who join dating sites only search for members who have bothered to include a photo with their profile. After all, you want to see what other people look like so it stands to reason that other people will want to know what you look like too. If your pic isn't a particularly flattering likeness, you can always say so in your profile. And don't use an abstract, an image or a cartoon. Only a full facial shot of yourself will get you noticed.
  8. Be proactive. Don't just join an internet dating site and wait for other people to make contact with you; search for members using your chosen criteria (age/gender/location etc) and when you come across someone with whom you think you might be compatible, then write to them and tell them why. If you're serious about finding romance at your dating site of choice, then don't sit around waiting for Mr or Miss Right to drop in your lap.
  9. Write great emails. This rule particularly applies when you're mailing someone for the first time to introduce yourself. Don't just say 'I like you, please write to me', take a few moments to respond to specific points in the profile of the person to whom you're sending a message. If you come across as interested and interesting, you're message is more likely to generate the kind of response that you're hoping for.
  10. Log-in regularly. On most dating sites, eg, - a London dating site, when you log-in to your account pages, your profile will automatically move to the top of the search listings making it that much easier for other people to notice it. Also, the more often you visit the site, the more you'll be able to keep up to speed with the latest members, any one of whom could be just the person you're hoping to meet.

So there you have my dating tips - none of the above is rocket-science, just plain common sense. So when you join the millions of singles worldwide who are embracing the online dating revolution, make sure that you stand out from from the crowd and a new and exciting romance could just be a mouse click away!

About the Author

Jon White is the founder of - a London dating site and the most successful geo-targeted dating site in Europe.

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